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The Centre

of Reproductive Medicine 

& Gynaecology

20 years of tradition and more than 7,000 children

The Centre

of Reproductive Medicine 

& Gynaecology

20 years of tradition and more than 7,000 children

„Our aim is to help couples that cannot conceive naturally."

Welcome to the Centre of Reproductive Medicine & Gynaecology. We are a private medical facility which began operations in 1998. We provide our patients with comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic care in the field of infertility treatment. We offer all modern methods of assisted reproduction.

As a clinic we take pride in such a method of treatment which proceeds from the simplest to the more complex treatment options. Often, it is enough to simply optimize natural fertile abilities of the couple. Pleasant civil environment and discreet approach of our staff will help you overcome the initial fear and insecurity arising from the treatment.

We have contracts with all health insurance companies in the Czech Republic.

MUDr. Monika Poláková



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Dva krásní kluci

Dva krásní kluci

Chtěla bych moc a moc poděkovat vám a vaši klinice. Vaše práce nám dala to nejcennější na světě, a to dva krásné kluky – dvojčata.  Narodili se již v roce 2010 a nedávno jsme oslavili jejich 8. narozeniny. Vaše práce je opravdu vzácná, protože plno rodin je šťastných díky vám. Moc a moc dekuji všem.

Rodinka Tuháčkova

Hanička a Helenka

Hanička a Helenka

Vloni 4.12. jsme u vás podstoupili KET. Před Vánoci jsem zjistila, že jsem těhotná, ovšem doktor Šulc nás nezapomněl upozornit na to, že "ke kočárku máme ještě daleko". O miminko jsme se snažili téměř 3 roky... Teď je to již jinak. 18.8.2018 se nám narodila krásná 2 děvčátka Hanička a Helenka, jedna měla 2850 g a 48 cm, druhá 3030 g a 47 cm. Holky se mají krásně k světu a ve 2 měsících mají kolem 5,3 kg a 58 cm. Vzhledem k tomu, že jsem chodila k mnoha doktorům u vás (Šulc, Černý, Poláková atd.), díky patří všem. Mějte se pěkně a ať vám jde práce od ruky s výsledky, jako u nás.

Anna a Vláďa

Two very positive experiences

Two very positive experiences

My husband and I have and will continue to recommend the clinic to any couple requiring fertility treatment based on our excellent experiences with the team there. We had ICSI in 2015, led by Dr. Alexander. Despite our fertility problems (high FSH/LH and low AMH, and cryptospermia), we were successful.

Our little boy was born in 2016 and is a beautiful and healthy two year-old now! We returned a few weeks ago, for our second ICSI cycle and are currently in the two-week-wait period and feeling optimistic. We were treated by Dr. Alexander again. Thank you Dr. Alexander and the embryologists at the clinic for making our dreams come true. We will definitely be returning to the clinic in the near future with the hope of having more children.

Michelle H., UK

Our baby twins are with us now :)

Our baby twins are with us now :)

Amazing experience! Our baby twins are with us now :-)

The IVF Team took us on a wonderful experience with our treatment, everything was planned perfectly, taking into consideration the details of our particular case.Our treatment consisted of two visits to Prague where all the steps where explained by Dr. Daniel Alexander. We had a great time in Prague on these two visits and thank you to all the team, now we have our wonderful babies with us. ❤

Omar Virguez, United Arab Emirates

1st April baby girl

1st April baby girl

On 1 April, we had a healthy, beautiful baby girl!!! She is the joy of our lives and we couldn’t be happier. ❤



I too would like to express great thanks to GEST. I could not get pregnant for four years, I ran around countless doctors and, finally, somebody recommended me the GEST, so I came here. The senior physician Mr. Černý helped me not only with my problem, but also mentally. He is an amazing man whom I seriously swear by. I cannot complain a bit of other staff, either; they were always very nice and helpful. After the second IUI, I got pregnant and I already have a two-year old boy. Now we are thinking about the second baby and again I have turned to the senior physician with great confidence; I have received a warm welcome again and he tries to help me now. I really cannot say a bad word; on the contrary, I only recommend and praise.

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