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FET (Frozenembryotransfer)

Today we freeze embryos only by using the method called vitrification. This method is more expensive than previously performed slow freezing, but it ensures a greater likelihood of good embryo survival after thawing.

Embryos can be freezed (cryopreserved) theoretically for unlimited period of time.

The advantage of FET is its simplicity which eliminates the ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval, i.e. injections and general anaesthesia. Although the treatment cycles with frozen embryos are not covered by public health insurance, it is generally less costly than IVF+ET treatment. If the couple has embryos frozen, it has a chance to conceive using FET and does not need to undergo the next intensive IVF process.

A pregnancy success rate is slightly lower than in the “fresh cycle” (IVF + ET), but today the total number of children born after FET is high.

FET is planned either in the natural (native) cycle, or with hormonal support, i.e. hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

In natural cycle, FET can be planned only if the woman ovulates in her cycle. It is therefore necessary to monitor ovulation by ultrasound, i.e. perform the folliculometry, to determine the day of ovulation. This requires about 2-4 ultrasound examinations. During ovulation, not only that the follicle releases an egg to be fertilized, which in this case is not needed, but this follicle is hormonally active and prepares the endometrium for implantation of the embryotransferred by us. The embryotransfer is performed 2-5 days after ovulation according to the age of the embryo. 

In FET with HRT support the endometrium is being prepared by using estrogens and progestogens. It most often consists only in taking tablets and vaginal capsules. A fewer ultrasound examinations are needed (1-2). Both medications are used until a positive pregnancy test and when pregnancy occurs, both medications need to be used for FET with HRT support until the 12th week of pregnancy as there is no corpus luteum!

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Vážený pane doktore Šulci,

Chtěli bychom se touto cestou vrátit zpátky k péči, které se nám dostávalo od Vás a Vašich kolegů z GESTu od cca května loňského roku a které se nám dostává stále v průběhu prozatím dobře se vyvíjejícího těhotenství.

Vám bychom chtěli moc poděkovat mj. také za Váš přístup k nám, díky kterému jsme se i v ne vždy pozitivně vyhlížející situaci cítili tak, že je o nás postaráno a že je tady někdo, na koho se můžeme obrátit pro pomoc a radu. Moc si toho vážíme, protože nám to jednak pomohlo a také jsme si vědomi toho, že to v dnešní době bohužel stále není standard.

 Ještě jednou moc děkujeme



Finaly even me can boast with joyfull news. On 10th February 2020 was born gorgeous girl Michalka (3650 g, 51 cm). She arrived 10 days after predicted date of birth. We, happy parents, want to thank to the whole Gest team for the longwished happiness. Markéta and Lukáš



Finally can we show off our babyboy Michal. He was born on 24.12.2019, his weight was 2720g and was 48 cm long. Michal came into this world little bit earlier - at 37th week. 
Thanks a lot to the whole team - finally we have our little treasure. 
Happy parents Jaroslava and Luboš 



We would like to thank the whole GEST team for the birth of our babygirl Zuzanka. She was born on 13. 7. 2018. Her weight was just 1120g - she was early born (28+6 week). She became a healthy, beautifull girl.
Grretings and thanks a lot again. 
Milena Wágnerová  




We would like to thank to the whole GEST team for their care, namely Dr. Šulc, his colleagues, which we also met - Dr. Poláková, Dr. Černý and Dr. Alexandr. 
On 28th October was born our healthy babyboy Jakoubek. 
Thank you very much!
Jana and Martin 



We want to thank to the whole GEST team for their excellent care and kindliness. Because of them is our family bigger. On 30th September 2019 was our babyboy (4270g) born. 

Tomáš and Klára 

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