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psycholožka Markéta Rokytová

We are well aware of the fact that infertility itself is burdensome for the psyche of both partners. Treatment, especially assisted reproduction, brings in particular to the woman a really great strain on her psychological state. We try to minimize these negative impacts with a sensitive approach, enough time for each visit and effort to individualize the care. We also offer support of a psychologist.

You can make an appointment with our psychologist PhDr. Markéta Rokytová via phone number 604 607 937.


If a couple wants to have children and their efforts have been failing for some time, then it is the beginning of often a very exhausting long run. Both partners (mainly women) get into a circle of medical examinations and treatments. Current medical science can do almost miracles. However, it is often forgotten that involuntary childlessness is a long term stress. Its psychological aspect is often overlooked and underestimated.

What may involuntarily childless people experience?

Great despair and distortion of ideas of the future life: The child was actually taken for granted. Suddenly, here comes a shock that life can have a different form. The theme of fairness of life appears. "How can it be that children's homes are full of unwanted children and we, who would be loving parents, still cannot have one?"

Doubts about own femininity or manhood: The self-concept is deeply struck. "Every normal woman/normal man is able to have children! Only I am not. Therefore, I am strange and weird."

Feeling guilty: If one of the partners is diagnosed with infertility, the balance in the relationship may be affected. A „fertile partner” might think about finding another partner, an "infertile" partner sometimes tends to break a working relationship only not to hinder the other partner from having a child.

Life with perpetual „only when“: Whole life is driven by the idea: "Our life will begin only when we have a child." Even several years pass by and disappear this way.

Social isolation: All friends give birth or have young children, and thus common topics fade away and what’s more: the friends’ new topics hurt. "Therefore, it is safer to avoid these situations."

Partners’ conflicts: A long term stress is often transferred to the partnership life. Men and women have different adjustment mechanisms for coping with crisis and this difference may cause conflicts.

Sexuality: It sometimes gets under pressure of fertile days and gynaecological surgeries. It loses its spontaneity and slowly fades away from the relationship.

Confrontation with own insufficiency: „I have invested everything, including time, money and own body, but without results. What am I doing wrong?”

Alienation to own body: The body „doesn’t work” to expectations and it even becomes subject of continuous examinations and surgeries; the intimate zone is permanently disturbed. There is often weight gain as a result of hormone treatment.

Ingrowth of infertility in all spheres and levels of life: „Can we book a holiday? What if we already expect a child? Should we buy a bigger or smaller flat? What if we speak too soon by buying a big flat? But what if the small flat is not big enough then?" Women sometimes remain too long in the job that does not satisfy them because "what if I just get pregnant?"

Great pressure from the people around: Frequently asked questions: "So, when are you finally going to start a family?" Guaranteed pieces of advice on "how to do it". If the partners act as if they still do not want a child, they are blamed for careerism. They must figure out how to excuse their frequent absence at work and doctor visits if they do not want to spread such intimate information.

How can a psychologist help?

Psychologist provides crisis intervention, helping to relieve acute stress. It is often said that infertility is due to some psychological block. Meetings with psychologist should reveal any blocks, ambivalence or other psychological problems. It is even necessary to deal with the possibility that the efforts to have a baby might simply fail. And if infertility really threatens the quality of the relationship, this is, of course, a topic for a psychologist.

Client ranking

Two very positive experiences

Two very positive experiences

My husband and I have and will continue to recommend the clinic to any couple requiring fertility treatment based on our excellent experiences with the team there. We had ICSI in 2015, led by Dr. Alexander. Despite our fertility problems (high FSH/LH and low AMH, and cryptospermia), we were successful.

Our little boy was born in 2016 and is a beautiful and healthy two year-old now! We returned a few weeks ago, for our second ICSI cycle and are currently in the two-week-wait period and feeling optimistic. We were treated by Dr. Alexander again. Thank you Dr. Alexander and the embryologists at the clinic for making our dreams come true. We will definitely be returning to the clinic in the near future with the hope of having more children.

Michelle H., UK

Our baby twins are with us now :)

Our baby twins are with us now :)

Amazing experience! Our baby twins are with us now :-)

The IVF Team took us on a wonderful experience with our treatment, everything was planned perfectly, taking into consideration the details of our particular case.Our treatment consisted of two visits to Prague where all the steps where explained by Dr. Daniel Alexander. We had a great time in Prague on these two visits and thank you to all the team, now we have our wonderful babies with us. ❤

Omar Virguez, United Arab Emirates

1st April baby girl

1st April baby girl

On 1 April, we had a healthy, beautiful baby girl!!! She is the joy of our lives and we couldn’t be happier. ❤



I too would like to express great thanks to GEST. I could not get pregnant for four years, I ran around countless doctors and, finally, somebody recommended me the GEST, so I came here. The senior physician Mr. Černý helped me not only with my problem, but also mentally. He is an amazing man whom I seriously swear by. I cannot complain a bit of other staff, either; they were always very nice and helpful. After the second IUI, I got pregnant and I already have a two-year old boy. Now we are thinking about the second baby and again I have turned to the senior physician with great confidence; I have received a warm welcome again and he tries to help me now. I really cannot say a bad word; on the contrary, I only recommend and praise.

Václav, Marcela, Barborka and Terezka

Václav, Marcela, Barborka and Terezka

We came to GEST on the recommendation of our friends and after the first info meeting me and my wife left with various feelings. We got a lot of information about what to expect, but mainly we were amazed by the professional approach, kindness and helpfulness of all the staff, not to mention a great homelike environment. We were just a bit afraid of what this all would cost. Nobody ever talked to us about money, nobody forced us to do anything; they just kept explaining and giving their recommendations and, except for a couple of thousand, it really didn’t cost anything. After the third IUI they recommended us IVF and after excellent results we succeeded in the first attempt. The twins Barborka and Terezka were born. We would like to hereby thank the GEST and recommend them to everybody. And that someone is dissatisfied? Not even this great staff can do miracles. Whenever we think of Dr. Čekal and his dry humour, we have a good laugh.

David, Zuzana and Zuzanka

David, Zuzana and Zuzanka

We are happy to inform you that on 30 July 2016 a beautiful baby girl (3,200 kg/49 cm) was born to us. This is thanks to your care when you performed insemination. Me and my husband thank you very much and wish the entire GEST team every personal and professional success.

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