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Time lapse embryo monitoring

Semi-continuous monitoring of embryos is a method whose aim is to monitor the embryo development in the incubator for 24 hours (images are taken after about 15 min. and all together they then make a film). In fact, this revolutionary system gives us an opportunity of significant "insight" into the whole embryo development. It helps us to select the most suitable embryo(s) to be transferred into the uterus to cause a pregnancy.

The introduction of this optical system in incubators gives us a chance to let embryos develop undisturbed during the entire culture period and they do not need to be tested outside the incubator.

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On 1st August at 9:53 p.m. was born our doughter Rozárka. Her weight was 3400 gram and she was 50 cm long. Thanks a lot to Dr. Černý and Dr. Poláková for the great care.

Greetings Marcela a Petr



We want to thank Dr. Šulc for his effort and willingness to help us on our way to our dreamchild. He recommended us a particular day, when to try it – first day of our vacation on Cyprus. We acted up to his instruction and we came home not in two, but in three!
Before I told it to my husband, I waited for my gynaecologist´s confirmation, she confirmed heartbeat of the child.
Thanks to Dr. Šulc we finded out, that we are two healthy people and all complications, we had, were just on our minds.
Thanks a lot again.
Family Bláha



We became in Gest these beautiful flowers with a nice note:
I´m a girl and I was born on 15th May 2019. Mum and dad are really glad, that they have me. I wish you all a beautiful summer. Greetings from - for me - new big world. Karolínka



Hello, on 20th May 2019 at 10:45 a.m. was born our dream child, her name is Dominika. Her weight was 2940 grams and she was 50 centimetres long.
Thank you very much, family Dostál

Two very positive experiences

Two very positive experiences

My husband and I have and will continue to recommend the clinic to any couple requiring fertility treatment based on our excellent experiences with the team there. We had ICSI in 2015, led by Dr. Alexander. Despite our fertility problems (high FSH/LH and low AMH, and cryptospermia), we were successful.

Our little boy was born in 2016 and is a beautiful and healthy two year-old now! We returned a few weeks ago, for our second ICSI cycle and are currently in the two-week-wait period and feeling optimistic. We were treated by Dr. Alexander again. Thank you Dr. Alexander and the embryologists at the clinic for making our dreams come true. We will definitely be returning to the clinic in the near future with the hope of having more children.

Michelle H., UK

Our baby twins are with us now :)

Our baby twins are with us now :)

Amazing experience! Our baby twins are with us now :-)

The IVF Team took us on a wonderful experience with our treatment, everything was planned perfectly, taking into consideration the details of our particular case.Our treatment consisted of two visits to Prague where all the steps where explained by Dr. Daniel Alexander. We had a great time in Prague on these two visits and thank you to all the team, now we have our wonderful babies with us. ❤

Omar Virguez, United Arab Emirates

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